Saturday, 25 February 2012

Charles Smith Wines

On Thursday night I was fortunate enough to attend my first official event as a blogger.

I have to say it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. The event was held by Lifford Wine Agency.
How I heard about he event was through the wonderful world of Twitter. Like many of us who blog, Twitter is an integral part of our community.

I digress. Back to the event. The event was for Charles Smith Wines. These will be soon available an an LCBO near you. (At least I hope!) So I arrive at Spin Toronto located in the heart of the thriving restaurant district of King West of Spadina in Toronto. If you haven't been to Spin Toronto before, the place is a riot!

Imagine your favorite bar/club full of high end ping pong tables. There are ping pong balls all over the place. I even got beaned in the head by one. Lots of fun.

As I arrive I was met by Nicole from Lifford, who was very excited about the night and was extremely welcoming. She slapped a wristband on my arm and a wine glass and basically said go to town! The wines are in the back.

I head to the back and was able to sample many of the Charles Smith wines. I started with the new Secco. He has both a white and a Rose.

As soon as I had the white, I completely understood why the evening was held at Spin. The bubbles in the white were HUGE!!!! Crisp, dry and well rounded. I really enjoyed the white. The Rose was great on the nose, with bubbles that weren't as big, and a bit sweet for my liking, however don't let that stop you from trying it. It would be well worth a sample.

I then moved on to the Riesling and Chardonnay. Take a look at the labels to get a description for yourself. The labels really do say exactly what they are like on the nose and palate.

Smells and tastes just like the label.

Has a fruit kick without the petrol on the nose.
I ended with the Syrah. This one was great as well. Simple straight forward without the snootiness behind it.

My overall impression was that the event was as big as the wine maker himself. Huge, powerful, loud and energetic without being stuck up.

I also want to say that one of my favourite scenes of the night was watching some of the people attending the event that were way out of their league. Shall I say those that were sitting in the corner tasting the wines and saying to themselves. "Why does the music have to be so loud?"

My response to those individuals is loosen up.

On an end note, seek these wines out.
Enjoy a glass

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