Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another Day, Another Bottle

Well here we are back again after another bottle for review.
Not that I want to change your opinion on this one, but my, was I impressed.

Here are the basic details on the wine.

Luis Felipe Edwards - Reserva
2009 - Melbec
Colchagua Valley - Chile
LCBO#: 236497
Price: $14.95

Here are some of the details that you may be interested in.

The colour is a purple to a blueberry. The nose is spicy, black cherry and blackberry. It also has some allspice and some wet gravel. The pallet has full and round tannins, with toasted baking spices, blackberry, sour cherry, and red licorice.
Overall this is a very well balanced alcohol to acidity for a dry red wine.

Now that I have the technical stuff out of the way, what the heck does it mean?

The nose has wet gravel and is full of round tannins?

Don't worry. If you didn't get this, neither did I at one point. Eventually you will. Here's what's key. This is a wine that is going to make you want to eat when you drink it.

Wine should should make you WANT to eat food. A wine shouldn't be better WITH food like most people think. If you have a wine that tastes better with food, the it isn't a great wine. It may be OK, just not one that's great.

Wine will make your food experiences explode if matched properly.

So the last big thing. What do I eat with this wine?

Here are my choices.
A meaty grilled fish, like a tuna steak, a grilled pork chop with prunes, or grilled veal. Basically anything grilled. Oh, I really enjoyed this one on its own too!

Enjoy a glass.

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